Pros and cons of online dating

Social networks, forums on interests, dating sites such as San Jose dating – Internet (in theory) provides single people with great opportunities to find a partner, whether it’s for a short flirtation or for a solid, serious relationship. However, in practice, our expectations are not always met.


  1. You can meet someone you would never meet in real life due to different dislocation, lifestyle, social layers, hobbies and other differences – the Internet equalizes everyone;
  2. you can talk before a real meeting to make sure that a real meeting with this person is necessary at all – and for exactly as long as you think it is necessary;
  3. a huge choice from thousands of candidates;
  4. if you have any special requirements for the potential partner, and you will not have a nice life with him without these qualities, you can make a natural selection – agree, it is not written on the streets in people, what qualities they have, and what of it is suitable or not suitable for you personally;
  5. if you also have some character traits/habit/images of life, you can safely report them immediately, and this will eliminate fear and attract those who, on the contrary, these traits are close and understandable;
  6. you can at any time send the person you are talking to ignore, if something goes wrong.


  • while you find a princess, you kiss a ton of toads. It is no secret that there are different people on dating sites and sometimes it is not so easy to choose an interesting interlocutor. If you have too fine an organization, and you faint from any rudeness in your address, you will have a hard time;
  • a person who is lonely, but dared to put up his candidacy on a dating site, is open to new relationships, happiness, communication – and therefore he is more vulnerable to boorishness, because this is not what he expects;
  • a huge choice from thousands of candidates. This is not only a “plus” but a “minus” as well. Some dating sites are dragged out. They look like a huge store, and it seems that the next “product” will be better than the previous one, that the choice is endless, and why do I need a janitor when I can easily get the oligarch, there he is, “in the same showcase exposed. So instead of the result, a person is dragged into an endless process;
  • there are the same people there as everywhere else, and they too can disappoint – someone at once, and someone a few years later – getting to know the site, even with a candidate who seems to be perfect for all articles, does not guarantee love for life;
  • some people post their photos on the sites, but the best ones – for example, minus 10 years or kilograms ago, without regretting either their time or the time of those they tried to get acquainted with in such a not quite honest way;

In conclusion, we should say that dating sites have a reputation, and before registering, read what they write about each of the sites you are interested in. Some sites are mainly for one-time meeting lovers and/or professional ladies, although they all have different goals of dating.

However, for many people online dating on Eugene singles sites can certainly become a valuable resource. However, it is important to keep in mind some points. For example, it is not necessary to pay much attention to the information that potential partners place in their profile. A person is a creature so complex that it is impossible to judge him or her by his or her short self-performance. The only opportunity to make an impression about him is to meet him in person. You should not look at those who are looking for a couple on the Internet, as people with a flaw – remember that nowadays many people have similar difficulties with their personal lives.