You met a pretty girl and your acquaintance promptly continued in the bed of your or her apartment? That’s great! But what if you don’t want a serious relationship, no matter how attractive she seems, and the reason for sex was just the Viagra you decided to try out? Our tips will help you break up with a lady without damage to yourself and without stress for her. And also ensure that you have a great time. If you’re a fan of one-night stands, it makes sense to pay attention to Here you will have the opportunity to buy specialized medicines and get great results.

No need to lie to her

Perhaps the girl doesn’t want any relationship with you either, and she’s only interested in sex. In that case, she will gladly “put” at your disposal all her charms. And you will be happy to use them. But do not dare to defile her ears with lies, promising that you will now marry her or call her tomorrow.

Prepare in advance a place to have sex

If everything goes smoothly in your meeting, and confidently moves toward the desired pastime, but the girl does not invite you to her house, it’s time to suggest that she go to your place. If you live alone, then your apartment is ideal. But, keep in mind that this way she’ll know your address. You don’t want that? Then rent an apartment in advance.

Don’t forget to protect yourself

Buying medication for potency is cool, of course, but against sexually transmitted infections the pills won’t save you. So do not forget to buy condoms. Even if the lady assures you that she is crystal clear and infertile, do not take any chances.

Do not rush things

If she says she is ready for sex, but first she wants to have a drink, talk, watch a movie or just eat something, do not rush her. Keep her company in these everyday things. This way, you’ll get a little closer, and sex should be an order of magnitude more enjoyable.

Act like a gentleman

Despite the fact that some have formed the opinion that decent girls at the first meeting will not have sex with a guy they do not know, hinting to the lady about her, let’s say, frivolity is unacceptable. Even more unacceptable is to ask if she often has such sexual contacts.

Don’t persist if she changes her mind

Even if you’re already under the covers and almost all your clothes are off. Then you can’t prove to anyone that you didn’t hear her “I changed my mind.” Never have sex with a lady against her wishes.

No need to impose

If you’ve had sex, but you’ve both let each other know that it was a one-time thing, there’s no need to call her up and ask how she’s doing, or complain over the phone about your boss, new fling, or overprotective mother.

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