The drug Testoviron Depot , which is produced by the German pharmaceutical concern Bayer , can be bought in Ukraine at a relatively low price. Testosterone enanthate , used as an active substance, has a long-lasting effect of up to two weeks. With a half-life of six to seven days, it is completely eliminated from the body within three months. Performing a review of the opinions of experts and athletes about the effectiveness of Testoviron Depot , we see that anabolic and androgenic activities, similar to testosterone, are considered moderate and safe  

The effect on the increase in musculature led to the demand for the drug among fans of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

What you can achieve by buying and using Bayer Testosterone Enanthate

Completing the course leads to the achievement of a number of positive results, which include:

a rapid increase in muscle volume. It looks smooth and elastic, builds up without painful sensations in the joints and intervertebral discs. Even the previously present crunch in the pads disappears. To a large extent, the increase is associated with the estrogenic activity of testosterone and sodium retention, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body. Therefore, after the course, one has to reckon with a rollback expressed to a certain extent;

  1. rapidly growing indicators of physical strength;
  2. stimulation of recovery processes, due to which tedious workouts are more easily tolerated, the feeling of physical fatigue disappears;
  3. an increase in vitality, which is reflected in the desire to train with increased intensity;
  4. the development of genitals in men, an increase in the level of spermatogenesis, the accelerated formation of secondary signs of the male sex;
  5. increased libido and sexual activity.

Reviews of Testoviron Depot , reviewed on specialized formulas , indicate the optimal combination of performance and health safety.

As the instruction recommends taking Testoviron Depot

Novice athletes are advised to start solo with a weekly dose of 250 mg, divided into two injections. With the acquisition of more experience and an increase in muscle mass, the dosage is raised, based on the fact that the level of up to 500 mg per week is considered safe when the weight of the athlete does not exceed 80 kg. Stock-kilogram athletes can give three 250 mg injections per week, and very large men allow themselves a weekly dosage of 1000 mg, divided into four injections.

The estimated course duration is eight to ten weeks. From the second week, it is customary to use aromatase inhibitors , most often proviron . They finish applying them a week after completing the course. Their action can be reinforced by the post-cycle intake of antiestrogens , the most popular of which is tamoxifen . It is considered useful to carefully monitor the level of estradiol during the course . Post-cycle therapy begins after two to three weeks. In order not to lose a significant part of the gained muscle mass, they resort to the use of cortisol blockers, for example, clenbuterol .   

In order to build up muscle mass to a greater extent and improve its quality, Testoviron Depot , the price of which is low, is proposed to be combined with other anabolic steroids. The most successful in this regard are combinations with the use of:  

  • anapolone ( oxymetholone ); 
  • Winstrol ( Stanozolol ) 
  • methandrostenolone ;
  • nandrolone decanoate ;
  • trenbolone .

With the passage of combined courses of anabolic steroids, the load on the body increases significantly. Therefore, each of the drugs used is taken, reducing the dosage to the lower limit suggested in solo courses

What side effects can Testoviron Depot cause ?

No matter how highly the safety of a given anabolic steroid is rated, one should firmly remember its inherent high level of aromatization. By disregarding the guidelines, athletes should not be surprised to see:

  1. swelling;
  2. body fat;
  3. gynecomastia.

As usual, these unpleasant manifestations were dealt with using antiestrogens . Modern approaches suggest that aromatase inhibitors used on the course will have a greater effect . The use of antiestrogens in post-cycle therapy will help restore the production of natural testosterone.

Among other unpleasant manifestations of taking testosterone enanthate are possible :

  • acne ;
  • increased aggressiveness;
  • baldness;
  • jumped blood pressure.